County #6: Clark

Clark County is home to the Big Basin Prairie Preserve, a beautiful native prairie with two large circular depressions or ‘sinkholes’ in the earth: Big Basin and Little Basin.   We ventured in to Little Basin, which is where St. Jacob’s Well is located, a pond that is said to never have gone dry.  One … More County #6: Clark

#78. Palisade Park

Palisade Park is another grassy area with no sign or designation that this is a city park.  There is some lovely shade from the mature trees, which would make it perfect for a picnic area.  According to the Wichita Parks and Rec site, there's 20 acres to this property and it was intended to become … More #78. Palisade Park

#64. Osage Park

Osage Park is a great park at 2121 W. 31st Street South, near 31st Street and Meridian. The splash pad at Osage Park was a fun way to cool down on Friday afternoon.  Wichita Parks and Rec has splash parties and events at this park from time to time, in fact one is scheduled for … More #64. Osage Park