#126. College Hill Park

College Hill Park is our neighborhood park, and a delightful final spot for this adventure. Features: Playground Base: Sand Merry-Go-Round Swings Slides Pool Bathroom (near pool area) The pool is probably the nicest community pool in Wichita, and it was busy the evening we went.  The big difference we noticed, was that this was the … More #126. College Hill Park

#108. Towne Park

This park was hidden back in a southeast Wichita neighborhood (2907 S. West Parkway) and totally made the kids' day!  It was another one where the entrance was between two houses, and makes you feel kind of like you're trespassing.  But you come around that corner, and a playground opens up in front of you. … More #108. Towne Park

#58. Cypress Park

What a beautiful park!  Cypress Park is a lush oasis off of Edgemoor, near Kellogg.  It has a stunning row of cypress trees, a creek, and a lot of open space for kiddos to run.  In fact, it was so picturesque, there was a professional photo shoot happening while we were there. Features: Playground Base: … More #58. Cypress Park

#2. Sleepy Hollow Park

Sleepy Hollow Park is near and dear to our hearts – this was the very first park where Weston played! This park is a small little jewel, hidden behind Wesley Hospital (next to their parking garage – 3300 E. Edgemont http://www.wichita.gov/ParkandRec/CityParks/Pages/SleepyHollow.aspx). This park mixes a modern pirate ship playset and the classic swings and merry-go-round. ​ … More #2. Sleepy Hollow Park