#102. Meadowlark Park

Meadowlark Park is a cute little park in southeast Wichita.  The address of the park is 3903 E. Mt. Vernon, and is across the street from Grandview Park.  These two parks are next to Clapp Golf Course.  Meadowlark Park is the one with the playground equipment, and it was another blast from the past.  The kids were thrilled to see the concrete turtle and dolphin, which they named 'Bubbles.'


  • Playground Base: Sand
  • Walking Path
  • Bathrooms: None

Mom Tips:  This park is adorable!  It has those vintage concrete playground items, and nice, mature trees.  It is a little close to Mt. Vernon, which can be busy at times.  Definitely keep an eye on your kiddos if they are runners.

Kid Tips:  "We love Bubbles!" – Weston ; Sully wanted to keep playing on the merry-go-round because it was little, like him.

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