#122. Swanson Park

Swanson Park is located near the corner of Central and Maize.  The parking lot for the park is on Maize, north of the shopping center on that corner.  The park is a beautiful oasis, with nature trails and is a Wichita Wild Habitat Area. There’s signage at the start of the path that is a … More #122. Swanson Park

#121. Sim Park

Sim Park is a huge park located at 2020 West Murdock, in the Riverside neighborhood.  We knew that Sim Park Municipal Golf Course was part of the park, but until I was researching this park for the post, we had no idea that Botanica and Cowtown Museum are part of Sim Park.  We will visit … More #121. Sim Park

#94. West Side Athletic Fields (KS Baseball Hall of Fame Athletic Fields)

West Side Athletic Fields, located at 571 N. McLean Boulevard, are also referred to as the Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame Athletic Fields. According to the Wichita Parks and Rec website, the stadium seats 1,200 people! Features: Playground: None Softball Fields Bathrooms: Yes This looks like it be a great place for a softball tournament! … More #94. West Side Athletic Fields (KS Baseball Hall of Fame Athletic Fields)

#92. Westlink Park

Westlink Park, located in the neighborhood behind Peterson Elementary School (near Central and Westlink), features the super-cool Viking ship that the kids both love. Lincoln Park had one too, but this one is a bit different. Features: Playground Base: Sand Slide Paved Walking Trail Bathrooms: None Mom Tips: This park is fun, but there's not … More #92. Westlink Park