#123. K-9 Rooster Dog Park

We put off visiting the K-9 Rooster Dog Park, formerly the Meridian Dog Park, hoping the new sign in the new name would be in place.  The park was renamed after fallen K-9 Officer Rooster, who was shot in the line of duty in March of this year.

One cool thing about this park, other than its new name:  the parking lot.  It’s a special new design that allows water to absorb in to the ground instead of going into the sewer.  It’s the only one we’ve seen at a Wichita park so far.

Tyson, the awesome senior (13 year old) Boston Terrier, came with us on this adventure and loved it!


  • Playground: None for Humans
  • Park Benches
  • Dog Runs – One for Large Dogs, One for Small Dogs and One Rotating Run
  • Water Fountains – For Dogs and People
  • Bathrooms: None for Humans

Mom Tips:  This park is nice, but there’s not a lot of shade.   The working fountains are definitely great for keeping dogs and their people hydrated and cool.

Kid Tips:  The park was fun and they loved taking Tyson along with us.

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