County #18: Gove

After our visit to Lake Scott and State Park, we headed north on the Western Vistas Historic Byway, towards Oakley and Monument Rocks. We had heard about an amazing (and newly opened to the public) park, called Little Jerusalem.  We spent about an hour, trying to find the entrance to no avail.  But during our … More County #18: Gove

County #17: Scott

Scott City, the county seat of Scott County, has an amazing park: Patton Park (formerly City Park).  It features the Park on the Plains, a volunteer-built playland that was one of the best we’ve seen in Kansas so far.  It was amazing! Look at all this climbing equipment and rubber base! And they had a … More County #17: Scott

County #16: Lane

Lane County, in northwest Kansas, is the third smallest county in the state.  Dighton is the only town in the whole county, and the total population is less than 2,500. Weston and Sully’s grandfather grew up in Dighton, so we were excited to check out the town of his legendary stories.  We first went to … More County #16: Lane

County #15: Rush

We hit a few towns in Rush County on our road trip, and each one had the quaint Kansas small-town feel that we love.  With a population of under 4,000 people in the whole county, Rush County reminds me of childhood trips we used to take through the back-roads of Kansas. Weston and Sully loved … More County #15: Rush

County #14: Ellis

Hays, in Ellis County, had lots to offer. We started our day at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History, home of the world’s most-photographed fossil: Fish-Within-A-Fish. Did you know your membership to certain museums allows you access to others?   We’re members of Exploration Place in Wichita, so we were able to visit the Sternberg Museum … More County #14: Ellis

County #13: Russell

From Wilson, we headed north on the Post Rock Scenic Byway to Wilson Lake and State Park, a stunningly clear lake in north central Kansas. We started out at the Otoe Area and took the trail around the south side of the lake.   The trail runs through some amazing red sandstone cliffs with views … More County #13: Russell

County #12: Ellsworth

Wilson, in Ellsworth County, is the Czech Capital of Kansas. It’s also home to the World’s Largest Czech Egg: a lovely 7,000 pound, twenty foot tall hand-painted fiberglass egg. Its black, white, red and yellow design was striking against the wintry Kansas sky. The boys both thought it was pretty cool, and weird.  Sully thinks … More County #12: Ellsworth

County #11: Barton

Our spring break adventures started for us in the Great Bend area this year.  The boys’ great-great grandfather helped found the Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area and wetland basin, so we were all really excited to check it out. We took the Wetlands and Wildlife National Scenic Byway to get there. This byway was beautiful – … More County #11: Barton

Barry’s Crew: Wichita Park & Rec’s Kids Club

A few months ago we signed up for Barry’s Crew, a FREE kids club through Wichita Park and Recreation. A few weeks later, our membership packets came. Both boys got a special member lanyard and card and calendars. They were so excited! Our first Barry’s Crew Celebration event was this weekend, and it was a … More Barry’s Crew: Wichita Park & Rec’s Kids Club