Wichita’s Largest Indoor Play Zone

We went to Carousel’s Noon Years Eve skating and play party, partly because Carousel is awesome, but mostly because the boys were dying to check out the new play zone. This play zone is the largest in Wichita, and man is it cool!

Carousel had an employee patrolling the play area with a bullhorn, making sure the kids were all playing safely and following the rules. As a parent to boys who sometimes get a little rough while playing, this was great.

The slides were so fast, this was the best pic I could get!

Weston proclaimed the two slides the best part of the play zone but it was a hard choice. He said there were so many cool parts, and did not want to come out.

Mom tip: get there early and try to snag one of the tables between the rink and the play zone. They fill up fast!

I really liked having the play area option, as sometimes Weston and Sully don’t want to skate. Or one of them does and the other doesn’t.

Now, this does cost. But it’s a reasonable cost, and you can choose to just play or just skate or do both! It’s $6 to either play or skate and $10 to do both.


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