County #18: Gove

After our visit to Lake Scott and State Park, we headed north on the Western Vistas Historic Byway, towards Oakley and Monument Rocks.

We had heard about an amazing (and newly opened to the public) park, called Little Jerusalem.  We spent about an hour, trying to find the entrance to no avail.  But during our search, we saw some fantastic Niobarra Chalk Formations.   As we noticed the sun was going to set, we headed toward Monument Rocks.

For years I have wanted to make the trip to Monument Rocks.  I heard it was a stunner, and it was confirmed when it was named one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas.  This trip, we happened to arrive at just as the sun was starting to set.  I cannot describe just how beautiful it was.  Absolutely breathtaking.

Since we got to Gove County around dark, we will definitely have to spend more time there.  We’re not marking this one off the list completely, yet!


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