County #17: Scott

Scott City, the county seat of Scott County, has an amazing park: Patton Park (formerly City Park).  It features the Park on the Plains, a volunteer-built playland that was one of the best we’ve seen in Kansas so far.  It was amazing!

Look at all this climbing equipment and rubber base!

And they had a great area for littles.  The boys thought it was neat that there was a miniature Wendy’s and a sign with their Grandma Lois’s name.

After an ice cream picnic in one of the picnic areas, we headed towards Lake Scott & State Park via the Western Vistas Historic Byway.


We started our visit at Lake Scott & State Park at the El Quartelejo (spelled either Cuartelejo or Quartelejo, depending on source) Pueblo Ruins.  According to The Kansas Guidebook 2 for Explorers, “in the late 1600s, Taos Indians from the Southwest fled to this area to escape Spanish rule and lived in pueblos here for 20 years.”  They also say that this was the “northernmost pueblo in the United States!”

Our history lesson concluded, we spied a rock house on a hill.  The boys couldn’t wait to climb to the top to check it out. 

It was a steep climb, but we all made it unscathed (even our old lab Phoebe).  It was totally worth it!

Look at that view!!  It was stunning!

There was no signage at the top, but a quick look at our handy Guide told us that it was the Steele Memorial.

Down the hill was the actual Steele Homestead, the house of the family who donated their land to create the state park.  Our visit was outside park office hours, or we would have been able to view the inside of the home.

This has got to be one of the most beautiful hidden gems of Kansas.  I can see why it’s a finalist of the 8 Wonders of Kansas!  We will definitely be back!!


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