#110. Boston Park

Boston Park is a large park in southeast Wichita near Woodlawn and Harry.  The rec center is home to some great learning activities ranging from athletic to every day skills like cooking.  It’s also host to Wichita Parks and Rec’s Specialty Camps for kids aged 6-13.  This year they had themed camps like Lego Mania, … More #110. Boston Park

#97. Edgemoor Park

Edgemoor Park was one of the parks I spent my summers at growing up.  The pool was always popular and the playground consisted of an amazing wood structure.  I wish we had pictures of how it was before the new playground – it was amazing. Features: Playground Base: Picnic Tables Rec Center Tennis Courts Basketball … More #97. Edgemoor Park

#87. Wildwood Park

This park at 2801 W. 45th Street South was a good mix of old school and new school.  There was new climbing equipment next to old metal classic playground equipment.  There was a nice paved path around the perimeter of the park, which made it a popular dog walking and power walking spot the morning … More #87. Wildwood Park

#75. Orchard Park

We had a blast at Orchard Park in northwest Wichita! It has an unusual baseball diamond covered with a rubber surface.  After doing some research, I found that this field is called a "Miracle Field" and it is home to an amazing program for kids with special needs to play baseball.  There is a whole … More #75. Orchard Park

#63. Rivera Park

Rivera Park is a small park in southeast Wichita, located at 1301 Schweiter. It’s a standard neighborhood park, with a full surrounding fence. We noticed this Adopt-A-Park sign at Rivera. I don’t believe we’ve seen any others at the other parks we’ve visited. I couldn’t find any information on the Adopt-A-Park program in Wichita, and … More #63. Rivera Park