#70. Cessna Park East

Our 70th park was Cessna Park East, which is located at 6115 E. Mt. Vernon in southeast Wichita.  This park is another one that needs a bit of TLC, but could be amazing given the proper attention. There's a large grassy area for kids to play, and a nice walking path.  The playground area has nice equipment, but the area needs more sand as much of the area was exposed dirt/mud.  There was also some severe damage to the outdoor shelter.*


  • Playground Base: Sand/Mud
  • Picnic Tables
  • Park Benches
  • Access to Gypsum Creek Bike Path
  • Baseball Diamonds
  • Tennis Courts
  • Shelter*
  • Bathrooms: Yes, However No Water in Sink

Mom Tips: We went after a pretty good rainstorm, and it had caused the ceiling in the outdoor shelter to collapse partway.* It looked like there was more of the ceiling that was going to come down, so I kept the kids out of the area.  However, there were a good number of picnic tables outside of the shelter, in nice shady spots!  Also, since the sand needs to be replaced in the playground area (most of it was exposed dirt and mud), make sure to bring your play shoes.  Bring hand sanitizer if you need to use the restroom, as the water in the sink does not work.

Kid Tips:  Sully loved the cool "wavy" climbing wall while Weston enjoyed the array of monkey bars the park offered.  They were both relieved to have found a working bathroom at this park!

* I did reach out to the Wichita Parks and Recreation department, and they mentioned that the shelter was scheduled to be replaced.  My contact said they'd go out and check out the damage — I love how responsive they are! If you see a problem, let them know!!

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