Barry’s Crew: Wichita Park & Rec’s Kids Club

A few months ago we signed up for Barry’s Crew, a FREE kids club through Wichita Park and Recreation.

A few weeks later, our membership packets came. Both boys got a special member lanyard and card and calendars. They were so excited!

Our first Barry’s Crew Celebration event was this weekend, and it was a blast! This celebration was an Olympic-themed party for kids, set up in the gym at the Lynette Woodard Rec Center. There were different activity stations representing various Olympic events. My favorite was the torch relay, where the kids would hold an ice cream cone “torch” filled with cheeto “flames.”

The long jump station was Weston’s favorite, while Sully spent most of the time at the bobsled (aka gym scooters). There was also a bounce house, photo booth area with props, javelin throw and so much more. Each station was manned by super-fun and friendly staff who made sure the kids had a good time.

As the Olympic theme played overhead, they gave each kiddo a goodie bag and a “gold” medal.

We can’t wait for the next Crew Celebration. Thanks, Wichita Parks & Rec!


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