County #10: Labette

Our 10th county was Labette, in Southeast Kansas, home to the city of Parsons.  We quickly found Forest Park, Parson’s largest park.

Right away, the boys noticed the small railroad tracks that traversed the park.  It was the Kiwanis Pancake Special Train’s tracks, and was not in operation when we were visiting.  According to Parson’s website, the train is a miniature version of a Katy Trail train and operates in evenings during the summer only.  The site mentions that you can rent the train for parties and family reunions for only $25 for two hours!  How cool is that!?!  This is another one we need to come back to!

The boys were disappointed that they couldn’t ride on the train, but quickly forgot when they got to climb all over the caboose that was on site.  It was so cool!

The park had some great play equipment, too! We especially loved the dinosaurs!

Walking back to our car we found a couple of awesome kindness rocks.  The boys were so excited!  They each took one of the rocks they had painted (which were in the car) and traded them out.  So now some Wichita kindness rocks are in Parsons, and some Parsons rocks are in Wichita!  If you haven’t seen the kindness rock revolution, check out this Facebook page:  There are so many local groups, where folks take pictures of rocks they’ve hidden or found, and it’s a great place for inspiration!

We decided that we needed caffeine and refreshments to get us home, and had heard wonderful things about a new coffee shop downtown called Remnant Cafe.  This cute little shop is housed in a historic building and is operated by a local church.  The chicken salad sandwich was divine!


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