County #15: Rush

We hit a few towns in Rush County on our road trip, and each one had the quaint Kansas small-town feel that we love.  With a population of under 4,000 people in the whole county, Rush County reminds me of childhood trips we used to take through the back-roads of Kansas.

Weston and Sully loved McCracken’s city park, which has classic playground equipment.  It was also a hit because of the super-friendly local kiddos who immediately invited the boys to play with them.

Pat’s Beef Jerky in Liebenthal was a hit with Andy, as their jerky and beef sticks are fantastic.  Pat’s, which is located in the former Liebenthal State Bank Building, has been around for more than 20 years.  Craving some amazing jerky?  Check out their store website in the links section – they ship worldwide!

If you look online at PawPaws in La Crosse, most websites list this ice cream shop and burger joint as permanently closed.  Good thing for us, these sites were all wrong!

Don’t judge a book by its cover – this place looked a little rough, but wowie – the food was good.  The owner made us some yummy classic burgers and fresh (not frozen) shoestring fries.

Also in La Cross, which is the county seat, is the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum.  It was on our list, but we unfortunately ran out of time.  Next visit, this is on our list!  We did have time for the cute park behind PawPaws, though.  Look at the giraffe equipment!  You don’t see that every day!


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