#124. Chapin Park

Chapin Park is situated on an old landfill, and you can’t tell.  It’s beautiful!  There’s a dog park at Chapin named after Wichita’s first canine firefighter, Ashley.  According to the Wichita Parks and Rec site, “Ashley worked on 161 fire scenes and her work resulted in 33 felony arrests for arson, aggravated arson and homicide.”

It’s a great dog park, Wichita’s first, and has two runs: one for large dogs and one for small dogs.   This park does have some shade structures in the dog runs, that Tyson and the boys enjoyed.

There’s also a landing strip for remote controlled airplane at the park.  There’s an area for spectators and an area for plane owners to prep their aircraft for flight.  So cool that we have one of these in Wichita!


  • Playground: None for Humans
  • Dog Park – Arson Canine Ashley Memorial Dog Park
  • Water Fountains for Dogs and Humans
  • Remote Controlled Airplane Landing Strip
  • Bike and Walking Paths
  • Bathrooms: Portapotties

Mom Tips:  Definitely check out this awesome park.  We didn’t bring our bikes this time, but we will next time – the bike path looked awesome and well loved. Lots of people were using it while we were there.

Kid Tips:  The boys both want to come back.  They really liked the airplane landing strip the best, and had a blast pretending they were pilots in the tiny planes circling and whirling above our heads.

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