#100. Exploration Park

For our 100th park, we wanted to go to one of our favorite parks. Exploration Park is to the south and east of Exploration Place. When we started the project, it was listed on the Wichita Parks and Rec site, but it is not a Wichita Parks and Rec park.

Honestly, this park has seen better days.  It was one of our family's favorite parks and one that I would consistently recommend to friends and families.  When we went this time, it was disappointing.  There were piles of mulch that had been dumped at the park but had not spread around, there was trash everywhere, and the park was in general disrepair.

Even though the park needed some TLC, we still had a good time.


  • Playground Base: Mulch/Wood Chips
  • Slides
  • Picnic Tables – Lots! Some even overlook the Arkansas River
  • Access to Arkansas River Bike Path


Mom Tips: We discovered this park after a visit to Exploration Place a few years back. It's awesome for a picnic and Exploration Place afternoon. The park isn't very visible from the road, and there are paths to the river that can't easily be seen. Another parent voiced her concerns while we were there. She mentioned that she doesn't feel very safe if there alone and feels she has to remain extra vigilant.

Kid Tips: The boys were SO EXCITED we hit 100 parks! They wanted to go into Exploration Place, but understood it was closed.


2 thoughts on “#100. Exploration Park

    1. Rex – it’s disappointing all the way around! We were so sad to see the condition and knowing that handicapped folks can’t access it makes it even worse.


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