#121. Sim Park

Sim Park is a huge park located at 2020 West Murdock, in the Riverside neighborhood.  We knew that Sim Park Municipal Golf Course was part of the park, but until I was researching this park for the post, we had no idea that Botanica and Cowtown Museum are part of Sim Park.  We will visit both soon and post about our adventures!

There’s an exercise trail and fitness area that caught the kids’ attention first.  While we were exploring that area of Sim Park, we found easy access to the Arkansas River and a sandbar.  That was beautiful!

As you drive around the park, you’ll see a ton of awesome concrete picnic tables.  The Wichita Parks and Rec site says there’s 32 of them!  There’s also one of those awesome horseshoe picnic tables, like the one at Linwood Park, that we loved so much.  The site says it seats 75 people… it is big, but I think that must be a typo.  Right?


  • Playground: None
  • Shelter
  • Exercise Trail
  • Picnic Tables
  • Bathrooms: Yes

Mom Tips:  I probably wouldn’t let the kids play on the exercise station – the base is concrete and it’s really not intended for kiddos.  Hard to convince them that, though, as it’s painted a bright and fun-looking glossy blue color.

Kid Tips:  Their favorite was definitely going down to the river.  They want to come back and “float stuff.”

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