#5. North Linwood Park

This huge park is nestled in a neighborhood  off of I-135 and Harry (1735 S. Kansas – http://www.wichita.gov/ParkandRec/CityParks/Pages/LinwoodNorth.aspx).

We first noticed the proclamation that “this park was supported by the Land and Water Conservation Fund which helps states and communities provide outdoor recreation and open space for all.” How very cool!


The second thing we noticed was that the playground equipment is the exact same as Fairmount Park, but in better condition. 

Then we visited the pavilion and Weston practiced his “presidential performance.” 

Looking out over the park we took note of an unusual layout of picnic tables. Getting closer, we found a really cool horseshoe-shaped concrete table, perfect for large groups!



  • Playground Base: Rubber
  • Swing Base: Sand
  • Access to bike/walking paths
  • Pavilion perfect for large gatherings/performances
  • Bathrooms
  • Many picnic tables

Mom Tips:  The bathroom is quite a walk from the playground and water fountains are a bit hard to find.  This park is vast and the distance between features is sizeable. This is the kind of park you would see lots of people and have room to spread out. It’s awesome!

Kid Tips: Sully enjoyed the bouncy balance beam on the playground and Weston thought the picnic tables were pretty neat.

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