Our Q-Line Adventure

All of the parks we visited today were accessed by use of the Q-Line (Wichita’s FREE downtown trolley). We parked the car and got on the stop at Clifton Square to head west, towards downtown.

Our first stop was at the corner of St. Francis and Douglas. Here we visited Espresso To Go Go, Naftzger Park and Gallery Alley.  

We got back on the Q and headed further west, and got off in Delano near the clocktower. We were all parched, hot and hungry, so we grabbed lunch at the Monarch. Super amazing, and kid-friendly!  

After our pitstop, we walked across Douglas to the marker for the head of the Chisholm Trail. I had no idea that was the reason behind the placement of “bumper bull” at Douglas and McLean. Every time I see that bull, I’m reminded of all the times I hung out by them at the Kansas Coliseum. Oh, the memories!!

We went across and under the bridge to get to the A. Price Woodard Park. Along the way we found a marker that talked about Blackbear Bosin and his artwork. Apparently there’s a huge mosaic mural inside the Broadview Hotel. Adding that to our list of places in Wichita we have to visit! 

From A. Price Woodard, we walked along Douglas to Finlay Ross Park and then the ICT Pop-Up Park.  

With the weather being as hot as it was, by this point we were parched! Thank goodness stats of Times Square was open! We grabbed some refreshments and then continued our park adventure at Chester I. Lewis Reflection Square.

Since there was a Q stop, we decided to hop on the trolley again. The soda fountain at Old Mill Tasty Shop was calling our name! I had a super-refreshing lemon shake – which tasted like a those lemon cooler cookies!!


We got on the Q again and headed east, for the stop at Greenwood (before Hydraulic). Andy headed to grab a cold one at Central Standard while we did our “parkin” at Hyde Park.  

After all of this, the Q took us right back to where our day began. We had so much fun, and didn’t have to worry about parking! There’s so much to do in Wichita, and the “charlie” is a fun way to do it!
To view the Q-Line schedule and routes, go to: http://www.wichitatransit.org/QLine/Pages/default.aspx

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