#24. Hope Park

Hope Park is little neighborhood park at the corner of 14th and Emporia (1457 N. Emporia).  The kids liked that it resembles a log cabin! 

According to the Wichita Parks and Rec website, this park used to be called Midtown Mini Park.

It sits on a tiny corner lot, so I could see the name “Mini” being an obvious choice (0.1 acre according to the website: http://www.wichita.gov/ParkandRec/CityParks/Pages/Hope.aspx).


  • Playground Base: Sand
  • Park Benches: One
  • No Slide
  • No Swings


Mom Tips: This park is right on the street, with no fence. It wasn’t a terribly busy street, but the proximity is worth noting. The playset is under a mulberry tree, which is unfortunate. Good for shade, but the berries were everywhere in the sand. And with the berries in this heat come bugs and birds (and their poop). Make sure you wipe your feet before getting back in the car! ** I bet later in the summer/fall this is a non-issue. **

Kid Tips: Sully didn’t like this park. He was grossed out by the sand and bird poop on the playset. And sad there was no slide. Weston had fun and even made a friend to play tag with. The neighborhood kids were nice and helpful – one kid told us to go try Riverside Park, because “that park is the best, and it’s by a river!!”

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