#26. K-96 Fishing Lake

You know that cool looking lake next to I-135 and 96? That’s the K-96 Fishing Lake, and where we spent our evening.

It’s another one of those parks the boys kept pestering me to take them to, and I’m sorry we didn’t go until now! So, in case you’re wondering how to get back there (like I was), you turn in the same entrance as the Kansas Humane Society and keep on that road past the dog park.

It was beautiful, relaxing and great for fishing with kids. There were lots of docks with low enough railing for them to cast.  








  • Picnic Table: One That I Could See
  • Bathrooms: None
  • Benches: None

Mom Tips: Since there aren’t any benches, it’d be a good idea to bring your own chair. The shoreline is good for fishing, but it gets slick. If you’re going to fish from there, bring shoes you’re okay with getting dirty/muddy. Also, no bathrooms, so plan accordingly.  I also wish I would have brought an extra change of clothes for Sully or at least another shirt… he got his hook stuck in his shirt and was dragging his pole around! 



Kid Tips: The boys loved this park! The fish weren’t biting, so they got bored quickly. But since there are so many different areas to fish, run and explore, it was a success!  They were so glad their friends came to join in the fun!




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