#32. Spruce Park

We found Spruce Park on the way back from showing Andy the Paul Laurence Dunbar Park that we all loved so much. Spruce Park is located at 1202 N. Spruce, near Spaght Elementary at 11th and Grove. 

This park was a delight! It was welcoming and had a lot of different things to do. Weston practically jumped out of the car before it stopped because he saw the running log thing (not sure what it’s called :-)). Andy showed the boys how to do it:


  • Playground Base: Both Sand & Rubber
  • Picnic Table
  • Park Benches
  • Basketball Court
  • Swings

Mom Tips: For an afternoon of parkin’ you could start at this park and drive west on 11th street to end at the boys’ current favorite park, Paul Laurence Dunbar. Bring a basketball as the court is right next to the playground.  

Kid Tips: Weston kept going back to the running log. He’s still talking about it a day later! Sully liked the slides the best. 

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