Our Park List – YOUR Help is Needed!

There are a number of parks that are in the city limits of Wichita (and on the edge) that do not fall under the Wichita Parks and Recreation umbrella.  I feel like we'd be missing out on some great parks if we left those out.  We have identified some of these by chance and happenstance, but we don't want to miss any.  We need your help! Are there any parks in Wichita that we can't miss?

Parks that were added to our list to visit, that are NOT Wichita Parks and Recreation/City Parks:

  • Sedgwick County Park ("Memories" section of park coming soon!)
  • ICT Pop-Up Park
  • Eastborough Park
  • Oaklawn Park and Splash Pad (Post Coming Soon!)
  • Exploration Park (on the WP&R site, but not a City Park)
  • Unnamed Park (25th & Piatt) – This one was a Housing Authority Park
  • Sherwood Park (No Longer a WP&R Park)

What park needs to be added to our list?

One thought on “Our Park List – YOUR Help is Needed!

  1. Have been following your blog. Love what you are doing. My children are grown, but husband and I may visit some just for fun.


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