#76. Grandparents Park

We found this park when driving on Kellogg.  It's located off of Kellogg in the neighborhood near Hillside and Kellogg (Estelle & Kellogg Drive).  It was not listed on the Wichita Parks and Rec website, but I was able to find some information online.  It was established by the Wichita Parks and Rec and AARP, with the intent of creating a space for grandparents to enjoy with their grandchildren.  And instead of just sitting and observing, they can work out and use the exercise station.  We brought Grandpa Dan along with us to get his take.

I found this great video that was created after the dedication of the park in 2013:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPtxamI5Y10


  • Playground Base: Sand
  • Swings
  • Park Bench
  • Sand Digger
  • Water Fountain
  • Work Out Station
  • Walking Path
  • Bathrooms: None

Grandpa Tips:  The workout station was pretty cool. It makes it easy for people who don't lift weights to tone up, with lots of variety in the motions. I think it's great for a grandparent to be able to come and let the kids play and go get a work out in! If I lived closer, I'd take the kids more!

Kid Tips: "It was fun to help Grandpa work out!" – Weston. Sully did not want to get off the spring dinosaur:

This neighborhood is taking part in the Neighborhood Night Out + Ice Cream Social on August 8th!    If your neighborhood is not participating, consider checking theirs out by RSVPing here: https://www.evensi.us/neighborhood-night-out-ice-cream-social-grandparents-park/217943485

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