#79. South Lakes Park

South Lakes Park is a nice park in southwest Wichita.  One part of the Wichita Parks and Rec site says this park is 51.12 acres, while another states that it is 249.84 acres.  Regardless of the actual size, it's a beautiful spot.  

After our visit, I went to the Wichita Parks and Rec site, and it said that there was a playground and large sport complex. So, we went back out to try to find that, and were disappointed. We asked a local, and he said that the park was only the fishing lake and nature trails.

When we went around to the other entrance, which was the one on the website (2211 W. 47th Street), we found locked gates that were marked Sedgwick County Soccer Association.

And there was yet another entrance, but it was attached to Campus High School (Haysville School District).


  • Playground: None
  • Fishing Lakes
  • Nature Trails
  • Wichita Wild Habitat Area

According to the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Department, "South Lake is a deep sandpit lake with very clear water and minimal shoreline vegetation. You can expect to find some small largemouth bass, quite a few Channel Catfish and occasionally, even a saugeye or some crappie."  Check out their fishing reports here to see what's biting:  http://ksoutdoors.com/Fishing/Where-to-Fish-in-Kansas/Fishing-Locations-Public-Waters/South-Central-Region/Wichita-South-Lake

Mom Tips: Bring some fishing gear (and license if you're over 16) and a picnic for a great day.  This lake is gorgeous and more clear than many of the others we've seen.

Kid Tips: They want to come back when we have time to fish and relax.  And they want to know why we don't own a kayak.  :)

2 thoughts on “#79. South Lakes Park

  1. I believe there is a playground inside the softball fields, but I don’t think you can get in unless there are games going on.


    1. Hi Erin! We thought we saw one, but it was so close to the school we thought it might have been theirs. None of the trashcans had the Wichita Parks and Rec logos like the other Wichita parks, so we thought it was part of Campus High School. 🙂 Maybe we’ll go check it out again after we get done with the others.


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