#86. Air Capital Memorial Park

Do you remember that big jet that was on a pedestal on west Kellogg?  As a kid I thought it was so cool that you could see that B-47 Stratojet on display at Air Capital Memorial Park; which was relocated to McConnell Air Force Base in 1987.  Now this park features a 2-mile singletrack trail (or narrow mountain biking trail in non-bike speak).  One local website states that the first half of the trail is okay for newbies and intermediate riders, while the rest is really intended for more experienced riders.  For a trail map and conditions, check out this site: https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/7002982/air-capital-memorial-park

When we first got there, we noticed this amazing bike maintenance station.  How cool is that?!? Bicycle Exchange rocks!!


  • Playground: None
  • Bike Trail
  • Bike Maintenance Station
  • Bathrooms: None

Mom Tips: I just can't get over how cool the bike maintenance station is. Also, as with Pawnee Prairie, please follow the signs. You don't want to get hit by a bicycle by being on the wrong path!

Kid Tips: Weston cannot wait to get on this trail with his bike and neither can Andy!

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