#88. Southview Park

The kids have never been this excited to get out of the car!  The screeches and oohs and awes were enough to make this whole park project a success!  The boys did not want to get out of the rocket, and when they did it was to play "mission control" from the metal tower.  This southwest Wichita park, at 2215 W. 45th Street South, definitely ranks in the top park list for both boys.

Old metal playground stuff!  Jackpot!


  • Playground Base: Sand
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Water Fountain
  • Soccer Fields
  • Tennis Courts (not fit for use as tennis, maybe for other uses)
  • Bathrooms: Yes

Mom Tips: This was such a great park.  It does need some TLC, but I really hope they don't remove/replace the equipment.

Kid Tips: The boys LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the rocket ship!  They said that this park should keep the rocket forever!

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