County # 2: Finney

Our second Kansas county on our county quest was Finney County. Garden City is located in Finney and has loads of fun things to do.

We first hit Finnup Park and were delighted to see an old rocketship, similar to the one in Wichita’s Riverside Park, still in operation. The boys were so excited to get to go up into it! There was a also a double-slide structure, perfect for slide races!

Next to Finnup Park is Lee Richardson Zoo, which is free to visit! We decided to rent a surrey to tour the park since we didn’t have to pay admission. It was a blast!

Towards the back of the zoo they have a great playground including giant snakes, turtles and even a rope spiderweb!

On this hot September afternoon, we had to hit the Big Pool, which is the largest hand-dug municipal pool in the world! It holds 2.5 million gallons of water and was a perfect way to cool off. There’s a splash pad that was recently added, a cute baby pool with an elephant slide and three large slides in the main pool area. It wasn’t as “action-packed” as Long Branch Lagoon in Dodge City, but it was still a blast!

Garden City has a plethora of fantastic Mexican restaurants. We visited one downtown called Las Margaritas and were surprised to see Portuguese items on the menu. It was muy bueno!

Links to Attractions:

Just a note – we are not compensated by any of these attractions or restaurants. These are our family’s opinions; we like to eat and play and enjoy sharing our adventures!

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