#15. A. Price Woodard Park

Our next stop was the park nestled between  Century II, Douglas and the Arkansas River (401 W. Douglas – http://www.wichita.gov/ParkandRec/CityParks/Pages/APWoodard.aspx).  

I used to play on this statue every Riverfest when I was a kid. I always thought it was a whale or waves, but it’s a bird according to the Wichita Parks and Rec website.  




This park also has an amazing multi-level fountain with a center walk area.  One of my friends got married here, and I can see why!  I remember coming to an Easter sunrise service here as a kid and it was beautiful! 





  • Water Feature
  • Picnic Tables
  • Close Proximity to Bike/Walking Path
  • Assembly Area

Mom Tips: On a hot day it’s going to be hard to keep your kiddos out of the refreshing looking water, but you’ll want to.  There were a few homeless men wading at the top, and under the waterfalls it smelled strongly of urine.  I think the park would be a great place for a picnic, but little kids will be drawn to the fountain, so be prepared for whining! 

Kid Tips: Weston was upset because it was hot and he wanted to get in the fountain.  Sully agreed it was sad, but the statue was cool.

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