#16. Finlay Ross Park

This park is located at 123 W. Douglas, right by Century II.   The boys recognized it as the water fountain that has the Christmas light dragon during the holidays.

The Wichita Parks and Rec site calls this a mini-park as it is only 1/2 acre! http://www.wichita.gov/ParkandRec/CityParks/Pages/FinlayRoss.aspx

And since there were no signs telling people to stay out (as found at some other fountains in town), and there was massive amounts of whining from the last park, I gave in and let them wade in the shallow pool across from the waterfall.


Weston listened and kept his clothes dry.  

Sully on the other hand…

 It was so hot today (heat index was over 100) so it was hard to get mad.  



  • Benches
  • Water Feature

Mom Tips: Bring a change of clothes for kiddos. And there is no shade, so bring a hat and sunscreen!  It’d be a great spot to bring a book and relax. I didn’t see any picnic tables, but I think it’d still be a nice relaxing place for a break!

Kid Tips: “Finally! Fountains we can play in.  Do we have to leave?” – Weston

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