Bonus Post – ICT Pop Up Park

This rad new park is a family favorite of ours!  It’s located at 121 E. Douglas, and absolutely adorable. For years I would pass by this giant hole and it made me sad… but now…

It’s bright… 

 And fun!!

Plus they regularly host food trucks!  The food truck schedule and more info on the park can be found on their Facebook page :


  • Food Truck Gathering Spot
  • Ping Pong Tables (with balls and paddles)
  • Loads of Picnic Tables
  • Bike Rental Station(Zagster)!!

Mom Tips: Check out the schedule and come when your favorite food truck is there. My kids are dying to eat a meal in the new Kind Kravings double-decker bus/food truck!  Or pack a picnic! It’s a great addition to Wichita!!

Kid Tips:  Weston and Sully’s favorite was definitely ping pong.

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