#36. Columbine Park

Our first stop Wednesday night was Columbine Park. It’s located to the north of McLean Science and Technology Magnet at 2319 Columbine (near Twin Lakes).

I thought for sure this park was going to have a playground, since it’s so near to an elementary school (all of the others in close proximity have had them). But, alas it did not.  

It did have a nice tennis court and field, though. As we arrived, some families were getting there for soccer practice.

And it was a great place for a quiet walk – nice and shady with mature trees.


  • Tennis Court
  • Baseball Diamond
  • Park Benches

Mom Tips: Bring activities for kids if you plan on staying a while. I bet it’d be a great place for kite flying! And bring water, as I didn’t see any water fountains!

Kid Tips: Weston was glad he brought his soccer ball to play with! And Sully wished he would have brought his roller skates for the nice sidewalk.

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