#37. Sycamore Park

 Sycamore Park was amazing! We hit this park on Wednesday and the boys loved it! It’s located near 13th and West Street (3637 W. 15th).

The coolest part? The park had TWO merry-go-rounds! A little one and a bigger one, and they were both great. And a rope climbing pyramid that Weston calls the Eiffel Tower. So much fun!




  • Playground Base: Sand
  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Water Fountain
  • Baseball Diamond
  • Tennis Court  


Mom Tips: Bring a picnic! This park is wonderful, with its mature trees and it has a great outdoor shelter. 

Kid Tips: The boys both spent a lot of time climbing in the trees and didn’t want to leave. Or is it “leaf”? #MomJoke

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