#42. Dr. Glen Day Park

Dr. Glen Dey Park, formerly Grove Park, was our only park on Sunday. It’s located at 2801 N. Grove. The east entrance is on North Hillside, near the Union Rescue Mission. 

The Wichita Parks and Rec site says there’s two playgrounds here, one on the east side and one on the west side. But we could only find the one on the east side. It looks like the west side playground was removed.

The east side playground was amazing! It has a ton of things to do. A climbing tower, slide, and all kinds of “awesome ninja training stuff.”

My favorite part was a low wall with a stunning Kansas mosaic mural. I vaguely remember there being a buffalo statue here, but it’s not there anymore. 


  • Playground Base: Rubber
  • Swings
  • Slide
  • Access To Walking/Bike Trail
  • Shelter with Picnic Tables (quite a ways from the playground)
  • Restroom Facility (Near Shelter)
  • Football Field with Bleachers
  • Basketball Court

Mom Tips: It was a very hot day, and there was no shade and no place to sit. The circle of land right near the playground would be perfect for a picnic table or even a shelter. The water fountain was not working, so bring refreshments and chairs.  If you have runners, this park would be a good one as the playground is set quite a ways from the road and backs up to a wilderness area. 

Kid Tips: Weston loves this park! He said it helped with his ninja/army training! Sully had fun running across the bridge and climbing the tower while jokingly screaming “I’m scared of the heights!”

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