#43. Piatt Memorial Park

Piatt Memorial Park was our first stop on Monday. As far as neighborhood parks are concerned, this was probably the most used and populated. This park is at the 1965 KC-135 plane crash site (2037 N. Piatt), near Piatt and 21st Street. 

We met some great kids here and they shared with us their families’ stories of that tragic day. I remember hearing my grandma talk about this crash and its devastating results. There’s a book out about this crash, and more information can be found at the Kansas Historical Society: https://www.kshs.org/kansapedia/wichita-airplane-crash-1965/19104

There was a Lynette Woodard dedication here.  Looks like it needs a little TLC.


  • Playground Base: Sand
  • Swings
  • Slide
  • Park Benches 
  • Basketball Court 
  • Water Fountain: Not Working
  • Bathrooms: None

Mom Tips: Unfortunately, this is another park that litterbugs frequent. I think next time we come, we’ll bring our trash grabbers. Parking is limited as you can’t park your car on the side of the street of the park. You’ll have to park in front of the homes on the other side of the street. But the kids playing there were so nice and welcoming!

Kid Tips: Weston wants to come back with sand tools to build sand castles (the sand was easy to pack). Sully had fun selling “sand”wiches under the playground. 

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