#47. West Douglas Park

Thursday was a busy night… we hit FOUR parks!! The first of those parks was West Douglas Park on Douglas and Sheridan (almost to West Street and behind Mayberry Middle School).


I notice the beautiful butterfly mosaic every time I drive by, and it’s even more stunning in person! The art runs all the way around the park shelter. The back of the shelter houses restrooms, while the front could be used as a gathering space. There’s even a raised area you could use as a stage!



There are two playgrounds close together, both on the rubber (pour-in-place) surface. 

The playset to the west is the same as Piatt Park, but we haven’t seen one like the east playset yet on our adventures.  The east one had some unique features. In fact we ran into a family who uses this playset in their twice-weekly workout. They kindly let Weston and finally Sully practice assisted chin-ups with the group. 


  • Playground Base: Both Rubber
  • Swings: Yes; Sand Base
  • Bathrooms: Yes
  • Picnic Tables
  • Water Fountain (works!!)
  • Park Benches
  • Outdoor Shelter

Mom Tips: The park backs up to Douglas, but the playgrounds are set a ways back from the street. Parking can be found along the street on Sheridan and in a parking lot that’s accessed a little further south on Sheridan. Since there are working facilities (shelter, restrooms, water fountain) it’d be a nice place for an extended play date or family function.

Kid Tips: Weston really enjoyed making friends and taking part in the family’s fitness training regimen. Sully (shy as he is) even joined in and left with a smile on his face.

Note: we drove by this park today and it looks like Wichita Parks and Rec is repairing the pour-in-place base on the west playground!! We were just there last night!

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