#48. Kiwanis Park

The second park we hit on Thursday was Kiwanis Park, which is at 5101 W. 2nd Street North (almost to 235 on 2nd Street). 

The first thing we noticed was a community center and some signs promoting a movie that’s going to be show on Sunday.  Sounds like this is a fun neighborhood!

We were joined by some fun friends on our Thursday park adventures. Our friends ran over to the sand diggers and had a blast. Weston and Sully were so excited to see another “Eiffel Tower” rope climbing feature that we’ve seen at a few other parks. The double teeter-totter was a hit too! 


  • Playground Base: Sand
  • Swings: Yes
  • Slides: Yes
  • Community Center
  • Picnic Tables
  • Park Benches
  • Restrooms: Yes

Mom Tips: What a cute park – it had everything you need for a great park outing. Shady areas for picnicking, activities for kids of all ages, open space to run and bathrooms! There are soccer goals but no nets, so bring a net if you want to play soccer.

Kid Tips: Weston enjoyed the teeter-totter since it had two seats on both ends. It was fun to get most of us on it at once! Sully wants to come back for the Sunday movie!

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