#54. Harvest Park

On this hot summer Sunday we hit the city pool at Harvest Park. For a mere $8 (total), our family got to swim, relax and go down the awesome water slide.

The pool was not too crowded. I’m guessing since Minisa Park had their free swimming day today, that might have played a part.

Harvest Park sits next McCollum Elementary School, which is in the neighborhood southwest of 13th and Tyler (9500 Provincial Lane). It’s a nice, shady park with lots of park benches and a winding paved sidewalk. There isn’t a playground, but the pool made the boys happy.


  • Playground: None
  • Park Benches
  • Water Fountain: Listed online, but didn’t see.
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pool

Mom Tips: There’s not much seating at the pool, but you can bring your own chairs in. Glad we had some in the car!  A picnic blanket would be good too. Oh, and floaties are not allowed in the pool.  So the bacon and fruit loop had to go back in the car. Oops!!

Kid Tips: “Two thumbs way, way up!” – Weston ; “Yay, waterslide!” – Sully

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