#53. Longview Neighborhood Park

Longview Neighborhood Park is located at 3914 Longview, which is basically where Kellogg and Bluff used to meet prior to the Kellogg expansion. I noticed a historical marker that stated that this was the site of the original Pizza Hut! How cool is that?!

Longview is a cute little park that butts up to the Kellogg wall. There’s a small grassy area that some neighborhood boys were using for batting practice, a playground and a gazebo.


  • Playground Base: Sand/Small Rocks
  • Swings: None
  • Slides
  • Bathroom: None
  • Park Benches
  • Picnic Tables

Mom Tips: There are two picnic tables in the gazebo, but both only have one bench. If you want to utilize the space, you’ll need to bring your own chairs. It’d be perfect if you needed a wheelchair accessible picnic option!

Kid Tips: “There were a lot of slides! It was great!” – Sully

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