#83. Mead Island

Mead Island is a Wichita Wild Habitat Area in northwest Wichita that you can only get to by boat.  It's in the Little Arkansas River, near North High School/Minisa Bridge and the Bitting Bridge entrance to Riverside Park.

Since we couldn't find a boat to take us to the 5-acre island, we settled on pictures from both of the adjoining Little Arkansas River bridges, Minisa and Bitting.  There is a nice paved path in between the two bridges, so it's an easy adventure to see the island from both vantage points.

The view coming to Minisa from Bitting is stunning… I think North is probably the prettiest high schools in Wichita.

Minisa Bridge itself is pretty cool as well.  Made in 1932, it features Native American designs and uses colored concrete and broken glass bottles, or "Carthalite."  According to the Kansas Sampler, Wichita's Carthalite was a finalist for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Architecture: http://www.kansassampler.org/8wonders/architectureresults.php?id=54.  I'm glad Michelle pointed it out to us, or we would have never known.  How cool, and beautiful, is that?!?

Mom Tips: This would make a fun adventure after hitting Minisa Park and grabbing breakfast at Riverside Cafe.

Kid Tips: They wanted to swim out to the island so bad!  Their imaginations are running with ideas of what might be on the island.

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