#84. Skyline Park

You can see Skyline Park from Kellogg, near the east-bound Washington Street exit.  It’s on Orme and Kellogg, and you can see the Wichita skyline when on the equipment.


  • Playground Base: Rubber
  • Slide
  • Picnic Table
  • Park Benches
  • Teeter totter
  • Bathroom: None

Mom Tips:  This is one of those instances that I’m glad the kids can’t read quickly.  Every square inch of flat surfaces on this playground was covered with graffiti.  One of the slides even had a hole cut completely through it.  Unfortunately, the combination of the graffiti and the crazy amounts of trash puts this on my list of ‘do not return.’  It’s sad, because this could be such a cute little park!

Kid Tips: “You can see the tall buildings when you’re up high, and that’s pretty cool.” – Weston

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