#90. Meadows Park


If Andy hadn't been with us, we wouldn't have known that there was an amazing playground hidden behind the neighborhood.  You can see the sign for the park from Maple Street (near 119th and Maple), and a big field.  If you turn in the neighborhood to the west of the park, you will see some signs that subtly indicate there's an entrance to a walking path to a park.  Going down the paved path, it feels like you're trespassing on someone's backyard.

Go down the trail a little bit, and around a bend and a great playground with a climbing boulder comes in to view. The boys were thrilled!


  • Playground Base: Sand
  • Slide
  • Swings
  • Rock Climbing
  • Park Benches
  • Walking Path
  • Wichita Wild Habitat Area
  • Bathrooms: None

Mom Tips: This is an amazing hidden park! Take the kids and don't tell them how awesome it is–and watch the surprise on their faces… totally worth it! Also, keep an eye out for wildlife. A deer ran through the park right in front of us!

Kid Tips: They both loved the climbing rock and didn't want to come down!


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