#91. Cowskin Greenway (Nellie’s Pond)

The Cowskin Greenway actually consists of several separate pieces of land, but we're just doing the 'Nellie's Pond' section.  Information and locations of the other land donations lumped into the Cowskin Greenway can be found on the Wichita Parks and Rec site:  http://www.wichita.gov/ParkandRec/CityParks/Pages/Cowskin.aspx


  • Playground: None
  • Park Benches
  • Fishing Pond
  • Paved Walking Trail
  • Bathrooms: None

Mom Tips: This park is located behind the Dillon's on Central and Maize – a very busy intersection.  If you've got 'runners,' this might not be a good option for you.  Also, the banks leading up to the pond are very steep and hard for smaller legs to navigate safely.

Kid Tips: They both want to come back and go fishing!

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