#116. Edgebrook Park

Edgebrook Park is located in the Habitat for Humanity Edgebrook Village on Jackson; between Broadway and Arkansas and between 32nd and 33rd streets.

We went a few days after rain, and the park needs some mulch in areas, so it was pretty muddy.  It looks like some local kids had a blast playing in the mud pit!  If we didn’t care about getting back in the car, I would have let the boys play in the mud.  Nothing like a good mud fight!


  • Playground Base: Wood Chips/Mulch
  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Bathrooms: None

Mom Tips:   Just a heads up, the playground’s steps to the ground are a little high (even for me), like they need more dirt or it was set too high.   The swings are also a little high.

Kid Tips:  They so badly wanted to play in the mud.  It does sound fun!

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