#119. Great Plains Nature Center

Visiting Great Plains Nature Center was a great way to spend our Saturday. The Center is attached to the south section of Chisholm Creek Park, near 29th and Woodlawn.



  • Nature Center
  • Nature Trail
  • Fishing Ponds
  • Gift Shop
  • Bathrooms: Yes – in nature center and parking lot


We started in the exhibit section of the center and got to see a beehive in action, a bird call wall, an illustrated Kansas rivers map and much more!

Mom Tips: The Center has these great backpacks you can check out FOR FREE in the gift shop. They have binoculars, journals, cloud spotting guides, bug catching tools, maps of Chisholm Creek Park and more. It wasn’t necessary for an afternoon adventure in the park, but it made it memorable and so much fun!

Kid Tips: They loved this park! The adventure backpacks combined with good friends made this one of their favorites so far!

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