#87. Wildwood Park

This park at 2801 W. 45th Street South was a good mix of old school and new school.  There was new climbing equipment next to old metal classic playground equipment.  There was a nice paved path around the perimeter of the park, which made it a popular dog walking and power walking spot the morning … More #87. Wildwood Park

#73. Murdock Park

We would often see this park from the Canal Route and think about going there. I wish we would have visited sooner! This park is beautiful and shady and a perfect way to end a hot summer night. The park is filled with mature trees, great for climbing. It has a fun playground and probably … More #73. Murdock Park

#58. Cypress Park

What a beautiful park!  Cypress Park is a lush oasis off of Edgemoor, near Kellogg.  It has a stunning row of cypress trees, a creek, and a lot of open space for kiddos to run.  In fact, it was so picturesque, there was a professional photo shoot happening while we were there. Features: Playground Base: … More #58. Cypress Park