#11. Schell Park

Down the street from Evergreen Park and across the street from Cloud Elementary, we found a smaller version in Schell Park (1000 W. 24th Street – http://www.wichita.gov/ParkandRec/CityParks/Pages/Schell.aspx)
Schell’s jungle gym/climby thing (as Weston calls it) was identical to the one at Evergreen Park. 


  • Playground Base: sand
  • Volleyball 
  • Soccer field 
  • Bathrooms

A young lady we spoke with enjoyed the nice sidewalk around the park – she said 2.5 times around was a mile, so lots of folks run/walk there. She also said that the park is used primarily for soccer practice/training and used frequently by young families.

They did have a climbing tower:


Mom Tips:  The climbing tower was a bit scary. Perhaps if my kiddos were bigger, I wouldn’t fret so much. The young lady we spoke to was concerned about her little brother being up top, and said bigger kids try to use the long bars on the end as a slide (by straddling their legs over the bars).  Also, there were quite a few dogs at the park.  Not a nuisance by any means, but if you or your kiddos are not fans, this might not be the park for you.

Kid Tips:  The climbing tower was a hit, but once on top Sully got a bit scared.  “People were really friendly and the kids were fun to play with and showed us around!” – Weston ​​

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