#12. Elm Neighborhood Park

Our 12th park is by far my favorite!! Elm Neighborhood Park is at the corner of Central and Grove.  We drive by this park a lot and the boys have been begging to play here.  Strangely, I can’t find anything about it on the Wichita Parks & Rec site. There was an article from 2015, when it was named, but nothing since.

The age guideline is helpful!!






  • FENCE! This is the first one we’ve been to that is fenced in! 
  • Playground Base: AstroTurf! 
  • Swings: None
  • Picnic Table (one)
  • Bench (one)

Mom Tips: There is a fence around the entire perimeter, with two openings at the south side (along Central).  This is a must because the park borders a very busy intersection.  It is a cute and little park, with one picnic table and one bench. We were the only ones there, but I bet it could get crowded quickly.  The turf was nice, too! I just felt cozy and comfortable being there… almost like I was in a really nice private park or backyard, even with all the traffic nearby!  Plus it was clean and well-kept.  We will definitely be back!

Kid Tips:  Weston liked the leg slide, which made me nervous.  Sully loved the bench/hanging lounge chair under the equipment. They were so happy to finally get to try this park!

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