#13. Sedgwick County Park (Part 1)

Sedgwick County Park is HUGE, so we’re going to break it down in multiple posts/visits. Today we hit the north side of the park for some fishing!

I remember this fishing dock from when I was a kid! 


The helicopter mom in me did not like this! Seemed in disrepair and dangerous, which made the boys love it even more!





 Across the road from the “fishing hut” is another fishing area and playground (NE section of park).


 Look at this handicap accessible picnic area! How cool is that?!



Playground with mix of new and classic equipment. 

We found a concrete turtle!! Oh, the memories…




  • Fishing Docks
  • Playground Base: Dirt/Grass
  • Walking/Biking Trails
  • Picnic Areas
  • Restroom Option: Portapotties


Mom Tips: Can’t wait to explore the rest of the park – there’s something here for everyone! A fellow fisherman said that he thought the lakes were “overfished,” so for young kids that get bored easily it might not be the best fishing place to go in town. 

Kid Tips:  Suly loved the concrete turtle the most while Weston’s favorite was the seesaw.

2 thoughts on “#13. Sedgwick County Park (Part 1)

    1. I love that part of the park! Your pics are great, Rex!! Hopefully we’ll get over there again soon.


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