#13. Sedgwick County Park (Part 2 – Sunrise)

This is my favorite part of Sedgwick County Park! This “boundless playscape” is fenced in and offers something for all age groups! 

This area of the park is for 2-5 year olds.

Last night’s storm flooded the sand play area!

I’ve seen versions of this swing in videos on Facebook, but never in real life. It is so cool! Even though Sully is really too big for it, I made him get in so we could try it!​​​​

This area was for 5-12 year olds:




I’m sure this area is for littles, but I didn’t see an age recommendation sign.  When the boys were little tots, we came to this park and they played in this section. 


  • Playground Base: Rubber
  • Swings (two areas; one for toddlers, one for bigger and disabled kids)
  • Fence – the entire area is fenced in with a large opening to the north, behind the Sunrise sign
  • Interactive trail behind play area

Mom Tips: There’s little to no shade, and the equipment gets hot and stays hot.  A mom I talked to said that she normally doesn’t come in the summer because of that, but her kiddo talked her into it today. They left after about 20 minutes.  If they added an interactive fountain, it’d be a perfect park! The way it’s set up, the park feels like it should have one!

Kid Tips: Come at night or when it’s cooler. They really wanted to stay and play and made me promise we’d come back when it was nicer out.

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